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Coronavirus: Losing a loved one in difficult times

Losing someone at any time is hard but, in our current situation, attending funerals and coping with grief have become even harder. Life in lockdown is presenting so many challenges, but whether we are recently bereaved and trying to cope in isolation or dealing with the death of a loved one at this time, there […]

Attending a Winter Funeral

The clocks have gone back, Halloween is over for another year and Christmas is just a few short weeks away. Yes, winter is here! A few months ago, back during that wonderful heat wave, we blogged about attending funeral services in the height of summer. Now, we thought it would be helpful to write a […]

Attending a funeral in the summer 

Attending a funeral in the summer  Well, what a summer we’re having so far! As we write, we’re in the middle of the end-of-term heatwave and trying to stay cool in the offices here at Austin’s! We Brits aren’t too accustomed to such hot weather and, when it comes to summer funerals, we can become […]

Gone But Not Forgotten

The funeral of a loved one is overwhelming. For many, the service passes in a blur of grief and afterwards it can be difficult to recall many details. You may not remember all the people who were there or have only hazy memories of the floral tributes – yet those memories can bring solace in […]

Harwood Park Memorial Gardens

When you have a 25-acre memorial garden there’s always plenty of work to be done – even when the weather is hot, hot, hot! And we’re so lucky that Harwood Park Memorial Gardens is kept looking so lovely all year round thanks to our loyal team who uses the best troybuilt mowers. If you’ve visited […]

Cremation Caskets

With people opting for cremation services more than ever, there are now many different ways to keep a loved one’s ashes. We look at some of the options… Interment and burial The traditional storage for cremation ashes is an urn or casket that can be buried in a cemetery or perhaps in a natural burial […]

How to choose a headstone

How to choose a headstone Taking your time Choosing a headstone can feel like a daunting task when you’re newly bereaved. The first thing you should know is that there’s no rush to make a decision. A headstone serves as a timeless tribute to the deceased and while you’re still in the early stages of […]

Funeral attendance – a handy checklist

Going to a funeral can be a daunting experience, so we’ve put together some helpful tips to guide you through the day The day before It’s a good idea to get your outfit ready the day before so you’re not scrambling around in your wardrobe at the last minute. It also means you can check […]

Harwood Park – an oasis of quiet contemplation

Harwood Park – an oasis of quiet contemplation  After a loved one has died, it can be comforting to return to their place of rest and spend some undisturbed time in quiet contemplation. At Harwood Park Crematorium and Memorial Gardens in Stevenage, we have 25 acres of grounds cocooned in open countryside that you are […]

How to write a eulogy

When a loved one dies, you might be asked to give a eulogy at their funeral. This is a poignant way to say goodbye to the deceased and to commemorate their life. While it’s an honour to give a eulogy, it can feel like a daunting task so we’ve put together some tips that we […]