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Preparation for the funeral

Once the deceased is received into our care we will prepare them for the funeral in accordance with your wishes.

Preparation of the deceased

Prior to the funeral, many relatives and friends choose to visit their loved one in one of our chapels of rest. In such cases more extensive preparation is carried out in the form of embalming.

In most cases, this will enable you to visit up to the day of the funeral. The deceased may be attired in one of our special gowns. These are displayed with our coffin selection, in a brochure which you will receive when making the funeral arrangements.

Alternatively, you may prefer to provide us with clothing for the deceased. Please advise us of anything specific regarding the appearance of your loved one and we will do our best to meet your wishes.

Jewellery & personal possessions

When we receive your loved one into our care, they may be in possession of jewellery or small personal items. Please advise us if you would like these to remain with the deceased, otherwise they will be returned to you.

Small mementos and tokens may be placed in the coffin but please inform us of your intention to do so.

Whenever you need us we are there

If a loved one has passed, please call your nearest funeral office for help, support & advice, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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