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Burial or Cremation?

When arranging the funeral of a loved one, choosing between a burial or cremation is one of the key decisions involved. Hopefully, you’ll know the person’s wishes. If not, it’s important to understand both options to help you decide on the type of funeral to organise.

In 2021, people chose the following types of funerals:  

  • 57% cremations
  • 25% burials
  • 18% direct cremations (a cremation without a service)


There are four key issues impacting funeral decisions:

1. A Dedicated Place

A burial spot provides a permanent place of remembrance for loved ones to visit. When choosing a cremation, ashes can be scattered or kept at a special place.

2. Religion

Some religions do not accept cremations, so the religion of your loved one may dictate which type of funeral they have. Religions not accepting cremation are: Islam, Judaism, Eastern Orthodoxy and Mormons. Most religions accept burials.

3.      Cost

The cost of different types of funerals varies and there are many options that affect the final cost, such as venue, headstone, transport and flowers. In 2021, the average cost of a funeral was:

  • Cremation £3,885
  • Burial £5,033     
  • Direct Cremation £1,554

4. Environment

Both burials and cremations have a negative impact on the environment. With burials, the creation of coffins and headstones involves energy and resources, plus the embalming process uses toxic chemicals. Cremations are less environmentally friendly as the process involves a lot of energy and releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere (although these emissions are reduced as much as possible). If being environmentally friendly is important, natural and woodland burials are environmentally conscious options to consider.

If your loved one has not specified the type of funeral they would like, the above points should help you when making funeral arrangements. If you would like to discuss the options involved in more detail, please talk to the friendly team at your Austin’s funeral office. We’re here to help.