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Cremated remains

The final resting-place for the cremated remains/ashes of your loved one may be decided before or after the funeral service.

The final resting place

You may wish to consider scattering or burying the ashes of your loved one in the gardens at Harwood Park, where an extensive selection of memorials is available. Details of these will be sent to you following the service.

The ashes can be retained at Harwood Park whilst you make your decision.

Should you select a local cemetery or Churchyard for their interment we will collect the ashes from the crematorium and arrange for the burial to take place. This may be a simple gathering or a further service may be held.

You may feel you would like to have the ashes at home with you for a while or scatter or bury them in a more personal or private location. In which case, you may collect them from any of our funeral offices or the crematorium.

We offer a range of urns and caskets for cremated remains; a display of which can be seen at Harwood Park.

Whenever you need us we are there

If a loved one has passed, please call your nearest funeral office for help, support & advice, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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