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Austin’s raise almost £250,000 over 20 years of their Charitable Fund

There are celebrations all round as this year marks 20 years of the Austin’s Charitable Fund. The fund was set up back in 2002 by the Austin family to support and benefit charities and organisations in the local community, and includes a local Annual Charity selected by the family alongside some significant other financial support […]

What to do with your loved one’s ashes?

Cremation is a very popular choice among Brits. In our blog last month we told you that, in 2019, 78% of funerals in the UK were cremations. The ashes that are left at the end of a cremation are called cremains and it is up to you what you choose to do with them. During […]

Austin’s Charitable Fund Update

As we reflect on another year of Austin’s Charitable Fund we are delighted to share the news of our 2019 success and who we will be supporting throughout 2020. As a bit of background, our charitable fund was set up in 2002 and has since raised over £130,000 for community-based and local charities including the […]

Claire’s Arctic Survival Challenge

During the last week of January, our MD Claire was a long way from Hertfordshire – she was 150km south of the Arctic Circle in Ostersund, Sweden. Not content with the typical wet British winter, Claire was getting ready to take on an Arctic Survival Challenge, heading off into the wilderness to live off the […]