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Funeral Car Hire Near me

We operate an up to date classic fleet of black funeral vehicles and an excellent choice of other options including horse and cart, VW camper vans, lorries and Land Rovers.

funeral car hire in hertfordshire

Your loved one will be conveyed to the funeral service in a hearse. Many families choose to follow the hearse in one or more of our limousines, which comfortably accommodate six passengers. 

The funeral cortege will collect you and other family members from an address of your choice. You will be taken, in the limousines, to your chosen destination following the funeral service.

As a special alternative, we are able to provide a traditional horse-drawn hearse. Other appropriate modes of transport may be arranged on request, please see below some examples of alternative transport.

funeral car hire in Hertfordshire at Austins

Austin's Fleet

We offer a number of beautifully maintained, traditional black hearses and limousines.

Horse-drawn funerals

Horse drawn hearses make a real impact. We can provide two or more black or white horses with a wide choice of different coloured plumes. The beautiful glass-sided hearses also come in a choice of black or white.

Austin's horse drawn hearse
Austin's hand pulled coffin bier

Hand pulled coffin bier

Our bier has been in the Austin’s family for generations and offers a simple yet beautiful alternative to a traditional hearse.

Motorcycle funeral

We offer a wide range of motorcycle hearses from the classic style Triumph through to the iconic Harley Davidson. Each vehicle has a pillion seat, a wreath rail and we provide an appropriately dressed professional rider to take your loved one on their final journey.

Austin's motorcycle hearses
Austin's Vintage lorry hearse hire

Vintage lorry hearse hire

For a dignified funeral with a difference we offer a 1950 vintage lorry. The 21ft deck provides ample space to create a unique arrangement for your loved one whether it’s made from floral tributes or artefacts close to their heart.

VW funerals

For something completely different why not hire a white 1972 VW camper van hearse? The hearse can be decorated to reflect the personality and interests of your loved one and can also be accompanied by stretched Beetle limousines and a fleet of VW buses.

Austin's VW funerals​
Austin's Land Rover Funerals

Land Rover Funerals

A Land Rover hearse offers a unique opportunity for your loved one to make their final journey in a vehicle that perhaps holds special memories for them or reflects their interests and passions. A variety of different models are available.

Whenever you need us we are there

If a loved one has passed, please call your nearest funeral office for help, support & advice, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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