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Every funeral is for a unique person. However when it comes to planning how to say goodbye, funerals have one thing in common: anything goes!

From what to wear to personalised coffins to alternative transport … funerals no longer need to be traditional. They can reflect the life, loves and personality of the person being laid to rest.

Personalised Funerals Touches

Over the years, the Austin’s team has been happy to accommodate unusual funeral requests. We hope these ideas give you food for thought should you be planning a personalised send off for a loved one – or thinking of your own funeral wishes:

  • Transport – instead of a traditional hearse, some people have chosen a truck, an unusual car (remember Prince Philip’s personalised green Land Rover?) or even a milk float. Others opt for a procession alongside the hearse, such as motorbikes, pets, a band or superheroes.


  • What to wear – we often see funerals involving bright colours or football shirts instead of traditional black clothing. Dress codes can be influenced by a funeral theme such as Star Wars or Christmas, an open invitation to wear fancy dress, or the person’s favourite colour. This is the easiest way of brightening up a funeral. Sunlife reports that: “One Glastonbury fan requested everyone who attended their funeral wore wellies commemorating their love of the festival.”


  • Make it memorable – many people choose to create a montage of photos or videos of their loved one. Choosing funeral balloons rather than flowers or offering a small gift to attendees as a keepsake memory can help a funeral to stand out. What’s the most unusual entrance we’ve heard of? Leading the congregation with the conga!
  • Coffins – from eco-friendly to bespoke designs using artwork or photos … there all kinds of colours, design options and finishes to consider when choosing a coffin. Some allow people to write messages to their loved one o the coffin surface.


  • Themes – magic, Meatloaf (the musician) and motorbikes have all been used as themes to reflect a person’s passions in life in a warm-hearted way.

41% of people would like their funeral to be celebration of their life rather than a sad occasion (Co-op research). Have you thought about what you would like for your funeral? It’s important to discuss wishes with your loved ones – and to ask them about how they would like to say goodbye. This helps make the planning process easier when the time comes. The Austin’s team is here to help make creative, personalised funeral wishes become a reality.