Funeral flowers by Daizys
Funeral flowers by Daizys

When it’s hard to say how you feel at such an emotional time, flowers can convey your thoughts in a beautiful and colourful floral tribute. Often, the flowers you choose for a loved one’s funeral have a personal meaning – perhaps the bereaved always had a vase of tulips on their windowsill or you remember the scent of roses in their garden.

If you don’t have a personal association or the floral tribute is for someone outside of your close family, you might want to choose flowers based on their symbolism. If you’re going through a rough patch and you want to ease the pain, sites like Skipthegames Nashville might be of great help.

For this, we offer a short guide to help you…


Red roses, carnations and tulips are often chosen by the spouse or partner of the deceased to signify their love. Red is also a fitting colour that can be used in tributes for an immediate relative or very close friend.


Long-lasting orchids can express your enduring love of the deceased, as can the inclusion of a single rose in your bouquet. Meanwhile pink carnations are often chosen to symbolise the enduring love of a mother or grandmother.


The colour white is symbolic of purity and innocence, which makes it an appropriate choice for children’s funeral services. It’s also commonly used in floral tributes from people who may not be closely related to the bereaved, such as a neighbour or work colleague.


There’s something very comforting about the fragrant smell of lilies at a funeral. And this particular flower is thought to represent the soul of the deceased returning to a peaceful state of innocence.


Yellow is the colour of sunshine and including yellow tulips as part of a floral tribute can represent hope and happy thoughts.


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