Welwyn Garden City Administrator June Bramble, has worked for Austins for 20 years in November 2024. Her wealth of knowledge and experience is second to none and her commitment and dedication she shows to each of our families is something we are incredibly proud of and have cause to celebrate.   We spoke with June recently to get her view of life at Austin’s and what her role has meant to her over the years.   

What do you enjoy about working at Austins?

    I really like thinking I have been able to help families at their lowest time.  Working at Austin’s, which has always been a family business, we all work together as a team by talking and helping each other, and the management team also trust me to do my job and are always there if you need help, support and advice.     

    Over the years, if you had to recall one favourite memory of your time at Austin’s (work or pleasure!), what would it be?

    Oh I have a few of them!!  I absolutely loved John Austin.  He used to come in while Jean went shopping – and you could tell him anything.  He was so funny and a right character – I used to love it when he came in!  

      And when Jean Austin came in and I stood up to open the door, tripped over and all she could see was my legs in the air!! So funny !!   Although she was worried about me, we both had a giggle over it!

      We had some good times at the Austin’s fun days.  One year, we had a climbing wall and I climbed up and got higher than the trees, but the harness was killing me so I just leaned back and jumped!   Then, one year we had a bucking camel and I was dressed as a Harlem girl, wearing a hat, I tried to hold onto it but got bucked off!

      I did a funeral for a little girl, a twin who passed a way from Leukemia.  she was two and a half years old.  She had a lovely service – really family orientated.  All the children were at the front of the service, drawing.  Being a twin myself it really got to me, and I did an abseil for her charity, Click Sargent and raised £650.  The family bought her twin sister in to meet me afterward, which was nice of them and I felt that I had done something for that little girl. 

      What advice would you give to people new to the profession?

      You’ve got to take things easy, and make your family feel comfortable before you shoot questions at them.  Get to know them first.  Every family is different and everyone reacts to grief differently, so don’t take anything personally if a family get a bit upset.  It’s such a rewarding job.  Everyone said you must be hard to do that job, but I’m not a bit.  I’ve sat and cried with families before.  Sometimes, it’s part of the process. 

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