Jackie is our Funeral Administrator in the Hitchin branch of Austins and on 27th May 2024 celebrates 16 years with us. We asked her a few questions about her time so far with us.

What do you enjoy about working at Austins?

    Meeting the families at the most upsetting time in their lives and doing the best that I can for them.   Working for Austin’s means I can go above and beyond to help them get the funeral they want for their loved ones.

    Over the years, if you had to recall one favourite memory of your time at Austin’s (work or pleasure!), what would it be?

    The Minister from the local church said Austin’s are the Waitrose of the funeral business, and I am the face of Hitchin. Quite scary that.

    One other thing that sticks out in my mind, was when I had first started at Austin’s and was doing my training at Stevenage. Kerry sat in on my first arrangement.  All went well until the end when I explained that there was someone at the end of the phone, if they needed anything.  But I couldn’t get the correct words out, so told them we have a “Hotline” if they needed anything. Kerry will still laugh now when it is mentioned but I am still here, so I couldn’t have done too badly.

    What advice would you give to people new to the profession?

    You have to be polite, approachable and organised. Be prepared for challenges from grieving families and treat them as if they are the only family you are dealing with no matter how many other funerals you have going on at the time.  As I like to say, I don’t work for Austin’s, I work for my families – and I mean that in the nicest possible way – my families come first, and that is a perspective you I think need to have if you want to be successful in this profession.

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