Technology’s Role in Funerals 

The use of technology has grown in all aspects of our lives, including funerals.

From services to communication and coffin customisation … technology has widened the possibilities and simplified much of the funeral process.

Here are seven ways in which technology helps funerals:

  • Online tributes – online platforms enable families to create digital memorials and tributes for your loved one. These may include photos, videos, and messages that friends and family can access from any location. These digital entries can be compiled into a keepsake after your loved one’s funeral.
  • Broadcasting – With the rise of live streaming technology, funeral services can be broadcast online, allowing friends and family who are unable to attend in person to participate remotely. This is particularly valuable when friends and relatives are spread across different locations.
  • Online Obituaries – Some funeral directors publish obituaries online, providing a central place for sharing information about the deceased, funeral details, and memorial services.
  • Funeral Planning Apps – Apps are available to help people pre-plan their funerals, making it easier to document preferences, share information with family members, and streamline the planning process.
  • Digital Displays – Technology can be used to display schedules and provide multimedia presentations during services. Photos, videos and personal messages can be included.
  • Customisation – Technology allows for personalised engravings, digital printing, and custom designs on caskets and urns. This gives you more options for expressing your loved one’s personality.
  • GPS Locations – GPS-enabled devices can be used to locate specific gravesites within cemeteries, making it easier for you to find the resting place of your loved one.

It’s incredible how technology can help the funeral process. It offers so many options to increase the personalisation, accessibility and convenience involved. If you’re planning a funeral and would like to discuss the options available and how technology can be used, talk to the friendly team at Austin’s. We can offer options, guidance and support to provide the right funeral for your loved one.

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