After a cremation, you need to decide what do with your loved one’s ashes. We hope these ideas are helping and interesting.

Storing Ashes

Some people choose to keep the ashes with them. The traditional way of storing someone’s ashes is an in urn. There are many different shapes and designs to choose from. More creative options can reflect your loved one’s personality. From clocks to chests, plaques to picture frames … your decision doesn’t need to be traditional.

Interring Ashes

This conventional option involves choosing a permanent place to keep the ashes. This can involve burying the ashes or keeping them above ground. Cemeteries and urn gardens are popular locations. Natural burial grounds such as woodlands are also available, enabling your loved one’s ashes to rest with nature. Private land is also a possible location but only with the landowner’s permission.

Scattering Ashes

This is an increasingly popular option and usually involves a few words spoken as a send off or final goodbye for your loved one. Relatives usually choose a place that was meaningful to their loved one. Alternatively, you can choose somewhere picturesque or peaceful. In the UK, ashes can be scattered anywhere with the landowner’s permission.

Creative Options

There are several creative ways in which you can use your loved one’s ashes. Increasingly, people have jewellery made using ashes. Another art-orientated choice is to use the ashes within a painting, sculpture or glass artwork. For music lovers, ashes can be used to make a vinyl record. Some people choose to grow a tree using the ashes. It’s important that this is done using a tree pod. (Cremated ashes can harm plant life if interred on their own due to the acidity involved in the embalming process, but tree pod burials prevent this from happening.)

Above or Below

Some people choose to place their loved one’s ashes into a rocket and fire them towards space! Lighter-than-air gas balloons can be used to scatter cremains at the edge of space. Alternatively, ashes can be added to a man-made coral reef under the sea.

If you would like to scatter or bury your loved one’s ashes at our beautiful Harwood Park gardens, please let us know. Our team offers a variety of options regarding the storage and collection of the ashes. We are pleased to discuss these with you.

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