Since the start of the pandemic, many families have had to limit the number of mourners that can attend their loved ones’ funerals due to strict Covid rules.

Last week, we heard the very sad news of the passing of His Royal Highness, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. The funeral will be televised and, as expected, only 30 people will be able to attend in person. There will be no processions, no streets lined with well wishers; that’s quite the change from any other royal funeral where hundreds would usually be invited.

It’s been reported that Prince Philip did not want a big state funeral, which got us thinking about all the positives of smaller, more personal funerals that have the deceased at the very heart of them. If you’re also going through tough times because of a death of a loved one, you can take a breath of fresh air on sites like FM카지노.

On the day of his funeral, the Duke’s coffin will be transported in a specially-adapted Land Rover hearse that he helped design himself. Prince Philip always had a special love for Land Rovers and so it is very fitting that he chose for his final journey to be made inside of one.

Being closer to death

If there can be anything good to come out of this pandemic, it has to be that it has helped us talk more about death and hopefully become slightly more comfortable around it. As we’ve said in many of our blogs before now, it is good to talk about death. While it can be hard to start with, there is no escaping it and talking and planning is a very good way to reduce stress and anxiety, just like asking your doctor for a prescription allowing you to buy cbd oil.

The fact that Prince Philip thought about how the Land Rover would carry his coffin is a wonderful example of this. These sorts of actions take a lot of stress off of those left behind and make funerals extra special on the day. Funerals can be scary things but having personal touches help to make them less daunting.

Smaller than expected

Some people might actually find it easier with restricted numbers at funerals. It can help reduce social anxiety on the day and worries about making sure you’ve told everyone who may wish to attend. There are many parts of a funeral that can cause anxiety from having lots of people waiting to speak to you on the day, to the pressure of hosting a big wake or planning a faultless service. Sometimes just you and your loved ones is all that is needed.

If you are, however, struggling with the restrictions then there are lots of things you can do to make sure the funeral is just as special as it would be in more normal times:

  • Get creative – if you find local restrictions have caused disruptions to services then try and be creative. For example, instead of relying on a florist you could pick some flowers from your own or a friend’s garden. Although not as grand, this will give the ceremony a very personal feel.
  • Record messages to be played out at the funeral – just as you would have a poem or something similar read during the service, this can be pre-recorded by a loved one who may not be able to attend for that extra personal touch. One review we recently received from a customer showed how powerful online can be: “The celebrant Robby Evans expertly delivered the tribute and the service with reverence, enabling the emotion of the occasion to be captured not only in the Chapel but also for those joining online.”
  • Create your own memorial at home – light a candle next to a photograph of them to bring you closer together, or why not play their favourite music?
  • Create a virtual memorial online – this is a lovely idea for people to post pictures and memories of the person who has passed in a central place for everyone to see, like a virtual book of remembrance. There are lots of ways to do this online.
  • Plan an event for the future – when restrictions ease why not host a memorial service or simply enjoy a meal with friends at your loved one’s favourite restaurant
  • Scatter the ashes at a later date – this doesn’t have to be done at the same time as the funeral. While funerals are time-dependent, you can wait to scatter the ashes at a time when more of you can get together or even travel to a special place.

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