There is a range of choices available when choosing a funeral. The most popular type of funeral in the UK is cremation (53%)  and the fastest-growing choice is direct cremation (20%). Another option increasing in popularity is a natural burial. This is the preferred option for 5% of funerals in the UK.

What’s involved with a natural burial?

Each burial site is unique – you choose the location, outlook and setting that’s important to you/your loved one. Natural burials are especially important to eco-conscious people. Also known as ‘green’ burials, they differ from the traditional burial process as no embalming chemicals are used. (This also reduces the cost involved.) Coffins are made from biodegradable material such as cardboard or willow. Ultimately, the body of the deceased person naturally decomposes into the earth.

Why do people prefer a natural burial?

The two key reasons are the sustainability and natural process involved.

Sustainability – a sustainable practice offers a way of meeting present needs without compromising the future. Green funerals certainly offer this advantage. The coffin materials are biodegradable, conserving important resources and reducing the carbon footprint involved. Many people prefer to plant trees in memory of their loved ones rather than have a headstone. Natural burials are therefore environmentally friendly, offering a thriving space for wildlife. It can be comforting to know that your loved one is buried in a tranquil, natural environment.

    Natural process – enabling bodies to decompose naturally into the earth and using eco-friendly coffins offer a very environmentally-friendly burial process. Replacing traditional coffin materials such as cherry and mahogany takes precious time and resources and requires a larger carbon footprint. This is avoided by green funerals.

    Harwood Park Natural Burial Park

    The Austin’s team is delighted to open a natural burial park at our Harwood Park site near Stevenage. There are only a few green funeral locations in Herts and we’re proud to offer a peaceful location with amazing views.

    Part of the natural burial park is the Harwood Hedge – a dedicated space for up to 400 memorials, aesthetically sympathetic to its surroundings. It’s a beautiful way to remember a loved one following a natural burial.

    If you choose to bury your loved one at Austin’s natural burial park, you are assured of one important aspect that is involved with every funeral managed by Austin’s: the dedicated care and attention provided by Austin’s team. You’ll be supported every step of the way from choosing the type of funeral for your loved one to personalising the service and making arrangements. Our heritage (since 1700) and passion for helping people who are arranging their loved one’s final journeys ensure that every family receives expert, sensitive and sympathetic care.

    Are you interested in a natural burial?

    Whether you are planning ahead for your own funeral or making arrangements for a loved one, natural burials are an increasingly popular option. To find out more, talk to the friendly team at Austin’s. With offices across Herts, there’s a team nearby that’s happy to help you.

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