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7 Essential Elements of a Eulogy

A eulogy is an opportunity to remember the life of a person who has died and provide comfort to those who are mourning. It is read aloud during the funeral service. Whilst there is no strict structure involved with preparing a eulogy, the following details are usually included: It’s essential to be relevant and honest […]

The Growing Demand For Direct Cremation

Direct cremation (or simple cremation) is an increasingly popular funeral option, with demand more than quadrupling in the last five years. The number of burials has remained consistent throughout this period. However cremations, traditionally the most popular funeral choice, has become split between traditional and direct cremation options. A direct cremation is the simplest and […]

New Funeral Trends for 2023

Research amongst funeral directors shows that new trends are emerging regarding funeral planning. Some became popular due to necessity – such as the increased use of video links during the pandemic. Safety measures limited the number of people who could attend a funeral. Video links enabled people who couldn’t attend in person to view the […]

Finding the Right Words When Someone Dies

When someone dies, it can be hard to find the right words. You could be writing a eulogy or a sympathy card, or having that first conversation with a grieving relative … knowing what to say is difficult. It’s important to acknowledge someone’s loss and for them to know that they are in your thoughts. […]

Options for your Loved One’s Ashes

After a cremation, you need to decide what do with your loved one’s ashes. We hope these ideas are helping and interesting. Storing Ashes Some people choose to keep the ashes with them. The traditional way of storing someone’s ashes is an in urn. There are many different shapes and designs to choose from. More […]

Quirky Funeral Customs

So many countries have their own funeral rituals. Some are more unusual than others! As it becomes increasingly popular to personalise funeral plans, here are some truly unique customs from around the world. We offer these out of curiosity rather than recommendation, as some are quite shocking! 8 Unusual Funeral Traditions Ocean Reef Memorial – […]

The Nation has Spoken …. About Dying

Recent research shows how we feel about funerals in the UK. People are often reluctant to talk about death, so the Sunlife report is a fascinating insight into the opinion and costs of dying. The cost of dying In 2022, the average cost of dying was £9,200. This shows an increase of 3.8% compared with […]

What’s Involved with Non Religious Funerals?

It’s entirely possible to personalise a funeral – such as service themes, type of transport or dress code. These aspects are often chosen to reflect the life and wishes of the person who has died. However before thinking through these details, it’s important to know whether the funeral will be religious or not. Demand for […]

7 Steps To Funeral Planning

7 Steps to funeral planning Planning a funeral can be emotional and overwhelming. We hope that this step-by-step guide to planning a funeral offers some support and direction during this difficult time. Once you have registered your loved one’s death and received the death certificate you can start planning their funeral. Initial Planning Firstly, find […]

Austin’s Family Funerals Supports Teens Unite

Austins’s Funeral directors supports teens unite Austin’s Charity of the Year 2023 Austin’s Funeral Directors is a proactive, charity-minded organisation. Each year, we link to a local charity and support their activities. For 2023, we are delighted to announce that our chosen charity is… Teens Unite. This Hoddesdon-based charity supports young people aged 13-24 who […]