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Funeral Administrator Celebrates 20 Years

Welwyn Garden City Administrator June Bramble, has worked for Austins for 20 years in November 2024. Her wealth of knowledge and experience is second to none and her commitment and dedication she shows to each of our families is something we are incredibly proud of and have cause to celebrate.   We spoke with June recently […]

How Technology Helps Funerals

Technology’s Role in Funerals  The use of technology has grown in all aspects of our lives, including funerals. From services to communication and coffin customisation … technology has widened the possibilities and simplified much of the funeral process. Here are seven ways in which technology helps funerals: It’s incredible how technology can help the funeral […]

Are you planning a funeral?

5 Important Questions About Funerals When arranging a funeral, there are several key questions to ask. Often, the information needed is contained within a will or funeral plan or has been discussed with a close friend or relative. Ideally, these important, personal wishes are understood before a person dies. Too often, they are left unsaid, […]

Feed Up Warm Up – Austin’s Funeral Directors charity of 2024

Austin’s Funeral Directors is one of the oldest and most prestigious companies in Hertfordshire. (We’ve been helping Hertfordshire people for over 320 years.) Each year, the directors choose a local charity to support. As a family business working closely with members of the community, we carefully select charities helping local people. During 2024, Austin’s chosen […]

Managing Grief Through Christmas

Christmas and New Year can be especially difficult if you have lost a loved one. If you are experiencing grief during the festive season, here are some ideas that may help you: Remember your loved one This could include lighting a candle, creating a memorial space, or participating in activities that were special to them. […]

The Role of a Funeral Celebrant

A funeral celebrant is someone who officiates at funeral services. Typically, they are professionally qualified and separate from religious beliefs. A funeral celebrant supports the bereaved family to celebrate the life of the person who has died. Their role is to help create, organise and conduct a personalised and meaningful ceremony that honours the life […]

7 Essential Elements of a Eulogy

A eulogy is an opportunity to remember the life of a person who has died and provide comfort to those who are mourning. It is read aloud during the funeral service. Whilst there is no strict structure involved with preparing a eulogy, the following details are usually included: It’s essential to be relevant and honest […]

The Growing Demand For Direct Cremation

Direct cremation is an increasingly popular funeral option, with demand more than quadrupling in the last four years. The number of burials has remained consistent throughout this period. However cremations, traditionally the most popular funeral choice, has become split between traditional and direct cremation options. A direct cremation is the simplest option available: one without […]

New Funeral Trends for 2023

Research amongst funeral directors shows that new trends are emerging regarding funeral planning. Some became popular due to necessity – such as the increased use of video links during the pandemic. Safety measures limited the number of people who could attend a funeral. Video links enabled people who couldn’t attend in person to view the […]

Finding the Right Words When Someone Dies

When someone dies, it can be hard to find the right words. You could be writing a eulogy or a sympathy card, or having that first conversation with a grieving relative … knowing what to say is difficult. It’s important to acknowledge someone’s loss and for them to know that they are in your thoughts. […]