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Join us in a celebration of Christmas at Harwood Park

You, your family and friends are invited to attend our Christmas Carol Services being held at Harwood Park Crematorium on...

by Austins22 December 2010
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Being in a Good Place to Die

We mention a lot here at Austins about the importance of talking about death and opening up to others about...

by Austins29 May 2021
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Overcoming your fear of funerals

OVERCOMING YOUR FEAR OF FUNERALS If you’ve ever felt anxious at a funeral, you’re not alone. There are many different...

by Austins22 September 2020
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Coronavirus: Losing a loved one in difficult times

Losing someone at any time is hard but, in our current situation, attending funerals and coping with grief have become...

by Austins29 April 2020
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Dealing with Death in a Digital Age

The way we deal with death in 2019 is very different from even just a decade ago. Today, our physical...

by Austins28 October 2019
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Attending a funeral in the summer 

Attending a funeral in the summer  Well, what a summer we’re having so far! As we write, we’re in the...

by Austins31 July 2019
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Personalising Your Own Funeral

Personalising your own funeral There are lots of initiatives around to help people start talking about death, and part of...

by Austins18 March 2019
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Should you take children to a funeral?

Should you take children to a funeral? When a child attends a funeral or cremation, it can help them to...

by Austins12 November 2016
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Children with complex social and communication disorders were the latest to...

by Austins22 January 2014
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