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How to Discuss Dying

How to Discuss Dying Research shows that: Only 1% of people know their loved one’s funeral preferences. Just 40% know...

by Austins3 October 2022
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Say Goodbye Your Way

SAY GOODBYE YOUR WAY Every funeral is for a unique person. However when it comes to planning how to say...

by Austins6 August 2022
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Digital Legacy – What Happens When You Die?

DIGITAL LEGACY - WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE? An amazing 98% of the UK population use the internet and 84%...

by Austins18 July 2022
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Talking to children about death

Telling a child that someone close to them has died can be an overwhelming prospect. Following the death of a...

by Austins15 June 2022
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Overcoming the fear of dying

Have you heard of thanatophobia? It’s a term used to describe the fear of death. We’ve spoken about necrophobia, the...

by Austins30 May 2022
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Harwood Park celebrates 25 years

This year marks 25 years since Harwood Park Crematorium &...

by Austins22 April 2022
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Austin’s raise almost £250,000 over 20 years of their Charitable Fund

There are celebrations all round as this year marks 20 years of the Austin’s Charitable Fund. The fund was set...

by Austins25 March 2022
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No one deserves to die alone: The Anne Robson Trust is our 2022 Charity of the Year

We’re delighted to announce that our 2022 Charity of the Year is the Anne Robson Trust; a cause close to...

by Austins19 February 2022
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A little canine comfort

As you have probably seen on social media, pet therapy is becoming increasingly common in care homes, hospitals, schools and...

by Austins25 January 2022
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